'Re-Imagine our Campus' Campaign


Twenty-first century medicine shouldn’t be held back by a 1949 building.

SickKids is a global leader in paediatric care and research, serving as a beacon of hope for children and families. But the clinical facilities are close to 70 years old and can no longer keep up with SickKids’ aspirations.

To continue to lead in the fight for children’s health, SickKids needs to build a new hospital - a building that works as hard today for its patients and staff.

The time has come to re-imagine the SickKids campus.

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SickKids Today

555 University Ave. Cornerstone laid in 1949

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What will be built

Clinical facilities that don’t limit what SickKids can do. SickKids needs to accommodate contemporary best practices and technology, attract world-class medical leaders, and comfort families so its  patients have the best outcomes.

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What it will cost

$600 million in donor support